Clinical Dermatology

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Clinical Dermatology

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Apex hair transplant and skin clinic ensures detailed care to patients suffering from skin conditions, nails, hairs, and mucous membranes. Our dermatologists treat hundreds of skin conditions, and this includes simple to complex cases. A close relationship is established where patients work with our clinics to provide you answers first and foremost.

Our team is experts in pathology, oral disease surgery, public health to mention a few areas. Cosmetic along with laser surgery are performed in a professional manner at our clinic.

How the Treatment is Undertaken?

Each skin care treatment is unique and has unique benefits. It is of importance that you know the type of skin treatment before opting for it.
A number of skin care treatments are available helping you to rejuvenate your skin to a considerable extent. Because of genetic factors, the environment we live and hectic lifestyles aging and skin problem has become a cause of worry. Numerous skin care treatment methods are available helping you to cope up with problems like fine lines, acne, wrinkles and skin diseases.

To manage certain chronic conditions like psoriasis or eczema certain skin treatments are available. In case of other skin care conditions, they are not curable and to deal with symptoms or signs you might have to opt for other skin care treatment. We at Apex clinic, feel that skin treatment depends upon the skin type, be it oily, dry or a combination type.


What are the Post-Treatment Guidelines?

Recovery from skin care procedures is fairly fast. But after treatment, some precautions have to be taken. To prevent sun damage you need to spot a sunscreen at all times. The skin is to be moisturized and cleaned regularly. This is going to retain the glow and smoothness of your skin. Avoid scrubbing at any cost.


Are There Any Side Effects Associated with Skin Treatment?

Yes side effects are a part and parcel of skin treatment. This could pave way for redness, itchiness, slight rashes and even swelling of your skin. Some patients suffer from discomfort and pain. But all these side effects are temporary and disappear soon.


What is the Time Frame for Recovery?

Most of the skin treatments lead to instant results and quick recovery times. For laser hair treatment, recovery could take a few days’ time depending upon the treatment undergone.


Do the Results from Skin Treatment Provide a Permanent Solution?

Any skin care regime has long term benefits and effects, but in no way, it means they are permanent.


Are There Any Alternatives Available to the Treatment?

Alternative skin care regime could mean natural methods in order to keep your skin healthy. Adopting natural means of exfoliation, a proper diet and an exercise regime are the key. Drinking plenty of water as it keeps your skin hydrated and clean.