Pigmentation Treatment

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Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation are patches of skin becoming dark in colour in comparison to the surrounding regions. The types of pigmentation include melasma, dark spots. Each cause has a different treatment and at Apex clinic we rely on cosmetic procedures and creams.

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What is pigmentation?

Pigmentation occurs when your skin produces excess melanin a pigment giving skin its colour. Indeed this would make patches of your skin a lot darker when you compare it to the other regions. Being a common skin disorder the majority of people succumb to this problem. Certain types of pigmentation including sun spots and melasma are likely to live its mark on areas of your skin with prolonged sun exposure including your face arms, and the legs. Other pigmentation types include from a skin inflammation such as burns, cuts or even skin inflammation. They could emerge anywhere on your body. To possess extra pigment in any region of your body would not be harmful, as sometimes it could point to the occurrence of another medical condition.

How to combat pigmentation?

Though pigmentation is harmless, still people would like to get rid of it. A wide range of treatment methods and home remedies are available for people to try. The key is to prevent pigmentation or to prevent it from occurring

  • Restrict your exposure to the sun- we recommend you to use a sunscreen of 30 or higher to stop pigmentation from emerging to be darker
  • Do not pick at the skin- so that pigmentation does not become an injury, do not pick at stares, spots, and acne

An individual can resort to the above remedies, to lighten patches of skin and eradicate pigmentation.

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Cosmetic Treatment Procedures with Apex Clinic

The cosmetic procedures at Apex clinic strive to lighten the dark areas to reduce the possibility of pigmentation.

  • Chemical peel
  • Laser therapy
  • Microdermabrasion

If an individual is planning to undergo any of the above procedures it is suggested that they schedule a consultation with Apex clinic.

The reasons for pigmentation

Our research suggests that hypertension depends on the type. Some of the possible causes of pigmentation are

Sun exposure

Our body produces melanin in large quantities to prevent prolonged exposure to sun rays. This could lead to the formation of age spots or sun spots on your skin.

Skin inflammation

Certain areas of your skin could darken if you are suffering from inflammation of your skin.  This includes injury or lupus to the skin. People who have darker skin are more prone to post-inflammatory pigmentation.


Dark prolonged patches of skin can emerge due to hormonal changes. This is a type of pigmentation common during the period of pregnancy.

Diagnosis of pigmentation

People suffering from pigmentation could get in touch with a doctor as they need to figure out the cause and type. Mostly the doctor is going to undertake a biopsy a small portion of skin sample to figure out the cause of pigmentation. Usually, doctors can diagnose pigmentation by looking at the skin itself. A special light known as woods light is necessary for a skin examination.