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Allergy Treatments at Apex

Allergy forms when your body develops a reaction to a foreign substance. Examples are pet dander, bee venom pollen, or a form of food triggering a reaction in most people. The immune system of the human body produces components termed as antibiotics.

The moment you suffer from allergies, the immune system is known to form antibiotics rating a particular allergen as harmful, even if this does not work out to be the case. The moment you come in contact with an allergen, the immune reaction can inflame the digestive system, skin, etc.

How severe an allergy varies on an individual to individual basis? At Apex Hair Transplant and Skin clinic, we feel that most types of allergies cannot be cured, but treatment could alleviate your symptoms.

Risk factors

The chances of suffering from an allergy increase if

  • There is already a family history of allergies or asthma in your family
  • If you are a child
  • Have any form of allergic condition


Prevention of allergy depends upon the type of allergy you are suffering. The general measures do include the following

  • Prevent unnecessary triggers- Even when you are being treated for symptoms of allergy, better restrict from triggers. If you are sensitive to pollen stay interiors with your doors or windows shut when pollen levels are high outside. People could be allergic to dust mites, vacuum, bed covering and even dust
  • Have a dairy – A sensible idea would be to note down in a diary on what are the items which could trigger allergic reactions in you. Keep a track of the activities you undertake, the symptoms that can occur and how it would help. This could help you along with your doctor figure out reasons for triggers.
  • Spotting a medical bracelet- if you are suffering from severe allergic symptoms a medical bracelet would let you know if you had a reaction and you plan to overcome it.

Treating Skin Allergies at Apex Clinic

How you are planning to cope up with the condition depends upon the causes behind it. In certain cases, you cannot even avoid the symptoms which cause allergies. Cold compresses or an oatmeal bath provides relief from itchiness and soothes skin.

When it is a small area a doctor generally prescribes a steroid cream. Just follow their instructions on how to apply them. It is not going to help if you apply more or even take more than what is needed. To get the best out of the cream apply it after a shower or bath. Suppose if your reaction covers a large area, the doctor is going to suggest steroid pills.

If you are having hives it is important to keep away from allergy triggers. In such cases, swelling might emerge under your skin. If the doctor is not in a position to figure out the exact reason, they are going to suggest you with over the counter creams. Conversely, if the skin is raw and open, to clear it up you might be needing an antibiotic. Heat or pus are symptoms of such infections.

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