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What Are Eyebrow Extensions?

Eyebrows help keep our eyes clean and clear, and can help us communicate. They also help define the looks of our faces. And just as people’s bodies come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, so do eyebrows.

There’s a significant number of factors that may affect the appearance of your eyebrows. Eyebrow hair loss, for example, can be caused by some medical conditions and medications.

While ideal eyebrow appearances vary, one popular look is that of full, well-defined eyebrows. Eyebrow extensions are one way to emphasize the appearance of brows.

Eyebrow extensions procedure

Most people get eyebrow extensions applied in a salon by a beauty professional. According to beauty salon websites, eyebrow extensions are applied strand by strand. Some beauty enthusiasts apply eyebrow extensions at home using application kits.

Because the procedure is time-consuming and difficult to perform on yourself unless you have experience, let’s go over how it’s performed at a salon.

Step by step

  1. Your provider will help you decide what kind of eyebrow extensions you want: natural mink fiber or synthetic.
  2. Your eyebrow hair color will be matched to your extensions.
  3. Your face will then be gently washed and dried. Next, brows are tweezed into the desired shape and outlined lightly using an eyebrow pencil.
  4. Individual eyebrow extension strands are applied one by one using a tweezer. Each strand is dipped in adhesive before being applied to the skin or in some cases to existing hairs.

Depending on how many eyebrow extensions you need applied, the entire application process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more.

How long do eyebrow extensions last?

You can expect your eyebrow extensions to fall out on their own after 5 to 14 days if glued to the skin. They’ll last a few weeks if glued to your natural eyebrow hairs.

Eyebrow extensions benefits

Compared to other types of eyebrow-enhancing procedures, including microblading, eyebrow extensions are noninvasive. However, it’s important to note that the procedure hasn’t been studied by cosmetic researchers.

Anecdotal reports list several benefits eyebrow extensions have over other procedures:

  • little risk of side effects
  • little-to-no discomfort
  • cheaper than other alternatives (besides, in some cases, makeup)
  • relatively quick application time
  • no recovery time

Precautions for eyebrow extensions

Generally, eyebrow extensions are a simple and noninvasive procedure. Yet, like most cosmetic procedures, there are some precautions to keep in mind:

  • Avoid getting your eyebrow extensions wet for 24 hours.
  • Avoid touching your eyebrow extensions. This can cause them to fall out faster.
  • Eyebrow extensions aren’t permanent.

If you want to maintain the appearance they create, you’ll need to keep getting new extensions every 1 to 2 weeks — and that can cost a considerable amount of time and money