Causes and Treatment for Hair Loss and Baldness

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Causes and Treatment for Hair Loss and Baldness

Hair loss has an impact on your scalp but even the entire body. It could be due to genetic factors, hormonal changes or even use of medications. Anyone could suffer from hair loss but men are likely to succumb more to hair loss. Baldness means excessive loss of hair from your scalp. One of the main reasons for hair loss is due to hereditary. For some people, they ignore the hair fall problems, whereas some others make it up with new hairstyles or products. But hair transplant treatment would be a feasible option.

Symptoms of Hair Loss/Fall

Hair loss can emerge in various ways which would once again depend upon the causes. It could strike you suddenly or one scalp at a single time. Some loss could be temporary whereas others could be permanent.

  • Losing hair all of a sudden- An emotional or physical shock could force your hair to loosen. This is a type of hair loss paving way for hair thinning and not bald patches.
  • A gradual thinning from the top portion of your head- this ceases to be one of the common reasons of hair loss, having an impact on men as well as women once they age.

When to Avail the Services of a Hair Transplant Specialist

You need to get in touch with a specialized hair fall treatment clinic. Discuss with them if you witness a sudden patch of hair loss or the loss is more when you are washing or even combing your hair. Sudden loss of hair could mean treatment of an underlying condition which could even need medical treatment.

Causes of Hair Loss/ Baldness

A common man tends to lose around 100 hairs on a daily basis. They end up ignoring noticeable thinning of the scalp since new hair also grows at the same period. Hair loss treatment is needed when the cycle of growth and shredding is disrupted. Some of the typical reasons for hair fall are as follows

  • Keep away from tight hairstyles like buns, braids or even ponytails
  • Keep away from supplements or medications paving way for hair loss
  • When washing your hair treat your hair in a gentle manner.
  • To protect your hair from sunlight and other sources of light
  • Quit smoking. Studies show a relation between baldness and smoking.


Though hair fall could arise due to genetics particularly in reference to male and female baldness patterns. Be aware that it is a type of hair loss that cannot be prevented.

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